Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Thanks for visiting the blog for the Woods Hole Osprey Cam, sponsored by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Woods Hole Sea Grant. Wow, six "Woods Hole(s)" in an 11-word sentence - I guess you know where we are, geographically!

We're excited about this new blog, which we decided to do as part of our revamped osprey cam website. Among other things, it'll be a great place for us to post notices about the camera, tell you a little bit about what's happening "off camera" around the nest, and allow for a space to post your comments and photos.

We'll have guest commentators from time to time and we're pleased to announce that one of the more dedicated osprey watchers in the area has agreed to be a regular contributer. She goes by Jazzel on a lot of the osprey cam forums, so watch this space for her thoughts.

So, feel free to post your comments, questions and thoughts on the 2010 season of the Woods Hole Osprey Cam. Away we go!

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