Monday, April 19, 2010

Birds on the Nest - For a While at Least!

Son of a gun! 10 minutes after Jazzel came by to look into rumors of a nest elsewhere on the WHOI campus, a pair decided to take a seat on our nest for a while! Jazzel is going to post her observations, including how the male 'mantled,' later but here's a picture to prove that we actually had birds for a while today!


  1. Just a quick update on the WHOI nest.

    This afternoon ( 3:00/ 4:00) at the nest site, I observed two ospreys circle the nest, then land on the nest.

    The male spent his time mantling, the female was very calm. When the male left the nest (i was hoping to get sticks) the female remained calm on the nest. Within minutes of the male leaving…..Red-tailed Hawk attacked the female…of course, she flew off .

    I believe from many hours of observing this nest on site, cam and cam viewers pics, the female is the WHOI female and her mate did not return.

    Hoping anyone interested will check the cam, and ANYONE in the WHOI area will take some time to document the nest site….90% is looking up!!!

    BTW…Jeff is my witness.

  2. April 21: Between 9:45 and 10 am the male (I think) showed up twice. He didn't bring anything to the nest and appeared to be quite vocal. A good sign, I hope.

  3. It's a great web cam and I'm sorry the hawks seem to have screwed things up for the osprey this year. The cam has a great view. I guess the osprey think it's too risky. Can't blame them.